Darlene & Michael K.
Dr. Saeger is a ten out of ten. We both have known Dr. Saeger from 1986 in Bremerton WA. If you are his patient you are in excellent hands and we are jealous we do not reside near his office. *

Cassandra H.
Dr. Saeger has helped me so much in the last few years. I am a young woman who was turned away from many surgeons before meeting Dr. Saeger. He took the time to look and listen to what I was dealing with and took care of the issue as soon as he could. I have been dealing with my issues for over 12 years so of course we are still working on taking care of things being there are years of damages. He has been so quick to help and take care of me. I love that he tells you everything, he has amazing bed side manner and really takes the time to listen to your concerns. His confidence is great and makes me feel great right before a surgery or procedure. Dr. Saeger is a 100/10 in my book. Thank you Dr. Saeger for helping me always and continue to help me in the future. You are by far the best Surgeon I have ever had!*